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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount on my order?

YES! All orders of 24 tons or more qualify for a discount. Also, ask about our Veteran or Senior discounts that we offer. Please call (602) 842-2413

Do you provide landscaping services?

Yes, let us help you design a beautiful landscape area for your yard or provide additional landscaping services. Please view our Gallery pages to see a backyard landscape project or the pool fill-in project we completed.

What are “fines”?

Fines is the term used to describe the crushed rock and very small miscellaneous dirt and debris found in any gravel or decorative rock.

What do the terms sized,  screened, and minus mean?

These terms refer to the size of the decorative rock, as defined by the largest piece which would fit through a screen of a pre-determined size. The terms also help to denote the approximate amount of fines present in a product. For instance, the term ‘sized’ can signify up to 1-15% fines in the product, whereas ‘screened’ can mean 20% to 40% fines in the product, and when we visualize a product described by the term ‘minus’  we know it will have 60% to 70% fines.

What is Rip Rap?

Think of rip rap as large stones with angular shapes, larger than gravel but smaller than boulders. Rip rap can  vary in size from about the size of a softball to as large as approximately 10″  to 12″ in diameter. The average is usually from about 3″ to 8″ in size. One ton of rip rap will usually cover an area of 35 to 40 linear feet, spread 3′ wide.

How can I match my existing granite color?

Due to the nature of mined substances such as granite, colors and consistencies of granites may vary. Color change will occur with aging, and therefore matching your existing granite may not be possible.

How do I calculate the square footage of my yard?

Easy. Just measure the length and width of the yard, then multiply the two figures.  Check out our Rock Coverage Page: Click Here

What is pea gravel?

Otherwise known as 3/8″ and 1/4″ natural, this is crushed river rock. River rock described by simply the term ‘natural’ will mean it is natural river stone, not crushed.

What’s the difference between a surface boulder and a regular boulder?

You’ll hear the term ‘custom boulder’ and also the term ‘surface boulder.’  A surface boulder is just that, it is picked up off the surface of the earth, whereas a custom boulder is quarried from the earth.

1/2″ Madison Gold

apache pink landscape rock Phoenix AZ

1″ Apache Pink

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